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Runetki – xtiffanyx aka valensiaxxx – Chair Striptease
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First we see her conclude her chat with some guy whose supposed to be me. She sways her hips seductively, blowing flirtatious kisses at the camera as her black top falls to the ground, revealing a bra featuring grey petals and a small black panties. Our friend, Comrade Chair is brought into play as she straddles him. Her bra is tossed aside, showing us her small firm breasts and tiny stiff nipples (oh god) and she sits back down, her hands exploring. She stands, sashaying gently from side to side, shifting her panties ever downward until she is completely naked, revealing her amazingly sexy body. Her dance begins as she moves closer to the camera, gyrating her hips, her arms and hands covering every inch of her petite, tight body, running over her breasts, her hips and ass. She does this at length, until the end of the clip.


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