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ManyVids – PrincessBambie – Daddy Please Impregnate Me
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A second scene from the Bambie Movie. In this scene I roleplay as your cute little daughter. I’m only in high school but I desperately want Daddy’s baby in my belly. I want Daddy to fill me up with his cum so bad, and I’m ready to prove it. Wearing my sexy nipple clamps I beg Daddy to fill me up, riding on his hard cock. I alternate between fucking my tight little pussy and ass, riding him hard and fast to prove i’m ready for his baby until finally Daddy cums deep in my tight fertile little pussy and we enjoy watching your cum ooze out of me. This is one of my very very very rare anal videos exclusive to those who arent a member of my MV so I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it!


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