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Backroom Casting Couch – Ania
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From Russia…with loooooove. But fear not, Ania was raised in the US so her English is fine. Not that you’d know because her mousy voice is barely audible over the air conditioner. Doesn’t matter because she doesn’t talk much anyway. Instead, she’s a real-life bobblehead, nodding yes to everything I say as if my words were gold. Well, to her, they are. She wanted to be a model ever since growing up. Not sure porn modeling is what she’s always had in mind, but she’s orgasmic and sexual enough where that wouldn’t surprise me. Ania seemed to have been waiting all her life for this day, and she does what she’s told without questioning. Made my life easy. She orgasms when I eat her out, and again later when I fuck her. Proof’s on my cock in form of white girlie juice. A real producer would love seeing this in a demo tape. A pretty young blond who is into sex and actually gets off on camera? I’ll offer her a contract right now. Oh wait…


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