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ManyVids – MiaBandini – Public Anal Ride on the Jet Ski in the City Cente
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Mia and her lover rides on a Jet Ski. Then they stop. They fondle each other undressing each other as well. She blows him for a bit. After that, there is some reverse cowgirl action as her lover starts the Jet Ski engine, they ride the Jet Ski as she bounces on his dick (reverse cowgirl). Then at some point he stands up, and it becomes standing doggy as they still ride. Then they stop the Jet Ski, she faces him, she rides him cowgirl or it may be the Lotus position, it’s hard to tell on a Jet Ski. Then they ride again, they go back to the position of reverse cowgirl/standing doggy. They stop the Jet Ski again , he fucks her in anal standing doggy style. AS he cums on her back, the rain starts, of course Mia starts cracking up, it’s such a coincidence. They take advantage of the rain to clean up. They ride the Jet Ski again, without fucking this time, I presume they go back where they come from :laugh: !


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