Models: MySweetApple
HD 1080
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ManyVids – MySweetApple – Naughty Rome
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The video starts off with a montage of exploring Rome during the day. It transitions to night and she starts flashing her tits and ass in the streets. She also gives a brief blowjob on the street. At around 8 minutes they reach their hotel room and they open their hotel window. After the window opens she starts to give him a blowjob. The camera changes from POV to showing the couple. They gradually switch positions to her standing and the male eating out her pussy. They both sit down and she rides him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. They then stand up near the window and switch to doggie. The camera changes back to POV position while he continues to fuck her doggie-style. They move to the bed and fuck in missionary, spoon, reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. They move back to the window and she finishes him off with a blowjob and he gives her a facial.


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