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ManyVids – Lana Rain – Cardcaptor Sakura Sits On Your Lap
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Top down, pseudo-POV view of Lana Rain dressed as Sakura Kinamoto. Starts with her rubbing Sakura’s Staff up her skirt, she fucks her staff for a while (you dont see it touch her pussy though), then she takes off her shirt revealing her bra and starts squeezing her tits a bit, moaning the entire time. She then sticks her hands down her skirt and gives herself a good loud rub (from her mouth not her other lips) She pulls up her skirt to her bra so you can see hr orange and white striped panties, then flosses her pussy with them Finally the panties come off and we finally get to see her play with her pussy. She rides the staff some more but we dont really get to see it make contact, then changes position so we can see her ass and pussy while she continues to rub it with her staff. She sticks some kind of toy with a blue crystal up the end up her ass, then goes back to her first position playing with the pussy. It then cuts to her sucking on a pink dildo as if it were a POV scene, she sucks it for a while while toying with her clit then pressed the dildo to her pussy. She starts fucking herself with it, finishing then sitting up all cute


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